Integra Consulting place significant emphasis on sustainable design using a holistic engineering approach in order to achieve low embedded carbon solutions. Our philosophy is simply to provide an economical design solution that minimises the use of material resources to increase sustainability and reduce project life cycle costing. This approach can be illustrated in the following brief examples:

Foundation Systems – use of ground improvement techniques in lieu of traditional piled foundations where appropriate, potentially incorporating the use of recycled, reclaimed stone in vibro stone columns.

Sustainable Drainage Systems – use of surface water management techniques to reduce the impact of surface water run off including the use of green roofs, permeable paving, infiltration basins, hydrodynamic separators and recycled PVC stormwater attenuation tanks.

Earthworks Cut / Fill – reduction in both plant vehicle movements and landfill through the achievement of a post development earthworks balance.

Remediation of Contaminated Land – reduction in landfill through maintaining soils, suitably remediated where necessary, on site.

Code for Sustainable Homes – maximization of Code points associated with our engineering input, particularly in surface water runoff, pollution and waste design categories.

BREEAM Assessment - use of the techniques noted above in order to improve the BREEAM rating of a development.